It’s Been Sometime…

Moonpooldive1While I’ve been on this Boat for three and a half months now, it’s been well over four since I’ve written to you last. As I’m sitting here writing this post, we are being tossed and smashed around by Tropical Storm #9, Humberto. Under normal circumstances we would be sitting at the dock waiting for the storm to pass, but as we had now forwarning that this storm was even in the works, we can do little but ride it out. Everyone that matters were caught off guard by this guy. It just seemed to appear right on top of us.

For those of you who do not know, I work on the American Constitution, in the Gulf of Mexico. We are a 225ft, Four Point Anchor, Saturation Diving Vessel. Since I stepped foot on the boat, we have been Plugging and Abandoning Oil and Gas wells for Walter Oil and Gas.moonpool2 We have completed 9 of these operations since the first of June, in waters as shallow as 350ft to as deep as 780ft of sea water. While the Diving performed on this boat is mainly Saturation Diving(the divers live inside the chamber for 30 days, pressurized to a depth at or near the depth they are working at… the entire time) , I have been fortunate enough to get two working dives during this time. My main duties are that of a rigger; preparing tools, rigging gear and related materials to be sent to the divers, sending down and pulling up various hoses, ropes, and slings, crane lifts, and sleeping of course. The average day lasts 13 hours, with enough overtime to keep me longing for my bed. For those of you wonderin why I have been out at sea for almost 4 months straight, it was a personal choice. Most guys work on a 6 week rotation, having 2-3 weeks off in between. It’s not mandatory, and since nobody has told me to leave, I’ve just not brought it up. I’ll stay as long as they allow me to stay, or at the least, until mid December. I’m over the hump; three more months and I plan on sleeping in a real bed. At that point, I plan on taking a week or two off before attempting to reposition myself on a Surface Diving boat(not Saturation). I count my blessings each and every day. As a new Diver, just out of school, I could not have hoped to get on a better vessel. While it’s not the largest vessel in the fleet, it is the biggest money maker for the company. The Constitution pulled in 40% of Cal Dive’s profits last year, and is the boat they send to do the jobs that no one else can do. The boat and it’s crew are in so much demand that it has worked lined up for the next 5 years. This has allowed me to work non-stop with no time on the beach waiting for a boat to go to work. Money in the bank. I have learned things here that I would never have learned on a regualar surface diving boat. Almost all of which will be applicable for use underwater…in the future. The deep waters we work in have allowed me to see how differently things must be done than when working in the shallower depths of Surface Supplied Air/Gas Diving.

I will make all efforts to write more often, but my stamina and the will of the computer have more control over that than I do. I hope everyone is well. I miss you all. Say hello to the land for me!

Until next time…


~ by Scott on Wednesday, September 12, 2007.

6 Responses to “It’s Been Sometime…”

  1. Hi
    You don’t know me but, I was looking around and found your bog interesting. My name is Dan and I live in souther Oregon.
    I started dive July 06, will my hole family started dive about the same time, that make about 10 total.
    I have about 50 dive in and have been down to 130 feet about 8 time.
    I find it pretty cool, that you have make this a job, and can enjoy it so much.
    I will keep watch this bog and will add my thought.
    Keep smiling, your in it for the fun not the money.

  2. Cal Dive, you say. That is one of the places that I am looking at when it get out of school…May ’08

    I can’t wait ’til I get out there.

    Good luck sir!

  3. Hey, great blog. Very informative for those of us considering this career. Can you please update or email me more info. I’d like to know how your career is progressing in 2008. I’m starting DIT in 2 weeks and would love to hear more about your experiences in the industry. Thanks very much

  4. Hi , I was searching through the blog world and came upon Your site. Not bad , (I’ve been a commercial diver for 20 years) Then I started watching Your videos.I was quite surprised to see the sat diving one as one of the divers was Me . It was taken by ROV in Baku around 2004.The other diver is Richard Westcott, a brit who lives in Baku.
    I quite like the music , we were at 135 meters and it was bloody cold 2-3 degrees centagrade .

    Thought You might like to know

    Mark Smith , Gold coast Australia

  5. Hey,
    Looks like you’ve been away from the blog a while, just curious if you’re still in the industry and how things are going? Would love to have you put some of your experiences up on my site for other commercial divers to see. I’m sure they’d love to hear about how it was being a tender out of school and how long it took to breakout.

  6. Hi! I’m tetsuo!I logged in and registered myself here by using the invitaton mail from you. Now I sent a invitaton to keita. Do ya need some help? If Click

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