Cal Dive International

As promised, I’m back. In a little over two weeks, I’ve managed get from Seattle to New Iberia, LA, hire on with Cal Dive, and complete their new hire training program. As my mom and Jim can attest, it was a hectic, and somewhat nerve racking couple of of weeks. You almost would not even now it happened, it happened so fast. It started with my last day in Seattle. My 2:45 flight turned into a 9:30pm flight, putting me in Dallas a little over 6 hours after my connection flight to San Antonio took off, and well past the bed time of any remaining pilots. I was told that weather in Chicago initially delayed my flight. Whatever the case, sleeping on the floor of DFW Airport was not what I expected to be doing that night. Not that anything has ever really gone as expected… since my conception. Right Mom? Thanks to some persistence on the part of Jim, I made it home by mid morning the next day. One short day at home( hardly adequate after 7 months away from my parents) and the next thing I know, I’m sitting on a train, twelve hours from New Iberia. The first signs of civilization after jumping train, was the sign you see below. I’ll be honest, that first whiff of hot humid air was refreshing after 7 months in that miserable place I call Seattle. The following Tuesday(the day after memorial day) I had my initial interview with Cal Dive. I’m going to make this really short for everyone; I was hired, passed my physical, drug screen, and background check. It was not quite that fluid in real life, but it all worked out in the end. After a week or so of training and testing, here I am, officially a Cal Dive employee. I have the security badge and coveralls to prove it. They tell me that I am next on the list to go out, and that the call could come at any time. I’m anxious. Not really nervous so to speak, but I do not believe that anything or anybody could have prepared me for what to expect next. I would be lying if I told you that I was not scared. I am. Fear is good, it keeps us grounded. Whats important is how we deal with that fear. I would also be lying if I told you that I was not confident. I am. You see, despite all that I don’t know about what lies ahead, all of the unanswered questions I have concerning my new career, I know exactly what the end result will be. I could see it months before I ever sent my application in for Dive school. The only real question is how long it will take to get there.

I look forward to sharing the next journey of my life with you. It begins right now. Just as soon as I know when and where I’m headed, I’ll let you know…

Helix– Link to Cal Dive’s website if your interested. It is the largest Diving Contractor in the World.

Night all. Until next time…


~ by Scott on Friday, June 8, 2007.

3 Responses to “Cal Dive International”

  1. wow, congrats! i can’t wait to hear about your first trip.

  2. Good luck Scott

  3. super. you’ve got me thinking about being a diver. What an adventure you’re on. I know you’ll do well, and I can’t wait to read more.

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