The Day Has Arrived!

dscf0799.jpgFirst things first. Allow me to apologize for my absence over the past month(has it been that long?). Early mornings and long days have kept me from posting anything new for you to read. To be perfectly honest, there has not really been much worth writing about. The past month was spent on the MV Response, D.I.T’s boat used for our deep water dives. During my time on the the boat, I made 12 Dives beyond 100 ft and to a max depth of 165ft. Pitch black, cold waters made for not much of anything interesting. The month flew by, leaving me little to time to enjoy my last days here in Seattle. I would not have had it any other way, as I did not really want to spend my last few days in Seattle, actually in Seattle. I have been ready to leave this place since I arrived, one rainy day last October.

So here I am. My training is complete, and Graduation is only one day away. I will be at home in Texas on Thursday evening and from there I will make my plans to travel to New Iberia, La. If all goes as planned, I will hire on with Cal Dive International, where I will start my career as a Commercial Diver.

This will be my last post from Seattle. It’s been fun and I hope that you enjoyed making this journey with me. Once everything settles down, I will begin a new chapter here on my Blog. I hope that you will continue to join me, as I’m sure that things will only get more interesting.

Thanks again for all of your support. I’ll be back soon!

Until next time…


~ by Scott on Monday, May 21, 2007.

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