Midterms Have Come and Gone

I have spent the past week or so with my nose in my books. Sorry for the lack of updates. Not as if many people read this stuff, but I know that a few of you are actually interested in whats happening in my life. To be honest, when I’m not actually diving, not too much is really interesting. My life is a bore of sorts. Much to my disappointment my Midterm grade was just a notch above 90 at 93 percent. I know this seems rather high to some, but it’s about seven percentage points below what I wanted. I have never been much of a test taker, especially multiple choice. I prefer essay type questions, or at least short answer questions. I think way too much ,for multiple choice tests. 93 will do for now, but I will continue to study, in hopes of nailing down the elusive 100 on my final exam; a mere three months in the future. The funny thing about this past test, is that the only questions I missed, were perhaps the easiest questions on the test. The questions that most people got wrong were those that required algebraic formulas or the sort. Not me though. I had to miss the silly little filer questions. Two of thos questions were simply coloring in the wrong little circle on the scantron sheet. Being too smart for my own britches, I read the answers too fast and colored in the wrong choice(In all honesty, my britches are much smarter than I am). What gets me is that I know better than to move quickly from question to question. I have taken a million of these throughout my life, and one thing is for sure, read slowly, read all the answers, and then read the question again. Heck, I used to drill this into my own students heads, before every test. Se la Vie, It’s over nonetheless; on to bigger and better things. For instance, next week we start NDT, Non Destructive Testing. I hear it’s rather boring, as far as the three weeks of classroom time goes. The subject itself is interesting, and of great importance to the life of a commercial diver. From what I understand, it involves the use of X-ray, sensors, and other methods of testing pipes, structures, nuclear facilities, and the like, for cracks, faults and defects. The idea is that very little contact, or damage is done the subject of the test. I will have to wait before I can be more specific about the subject; I just don’t know enough about it to do it any sort of justice. I am sure I’ll be writing much more about it in the week or two to come. After we finish NDT, we move into Hydraulic tools, Salvage and recovery, Scuba, and then we do our Deep dives using hot water suits. Shortly after…Graduation. Bottom line, it’s all down hill from here. It’s not much longer before I’m finished here. A few short months and I’ll be a full fledged Commercial Diver. On paper anyway.

Hope all is well with you. I really miss everyone. Have a wonderful weekend, and happy Chinese New Year to all!

Until next time…


~ by Scott on Sunday, February 11, 2007.

2 Responses to “Midterms Have Come and Gone”

  1. I think 93 is great….look at it this way…you’re still getting all A’s on your exams….I guess the only thing to do on the next exam is re-read the whole test after you complete it… if time allows….hope the weathers getting better for you…its still winter here…later

  2. I watched about 30 minutes of your videos….some I loved,
    others a little scary. Music???? Thanks for adding these.
    love mom

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